2019, April 26.-28. in 72406 Bisingen / Germany

WDSF WC Agility

2019, April 26.-28. in 72406 Bisingen / Germany

WDSF WC Obedience

2019, April 19.-21 in 3960 Bree / Belgium

WDSF WC Mondioring

WDSF Worldcup Europe 2019
Agility | Obedience | Mondioring
Event information

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Location Mondioring

The WC Mondioring will be hosted at HV Eureka Bree

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Location Agility & Obedience

The WCs Agility & Obedience are hosted at HSV Thanheim

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Event locations

HV Eureka – 3960 Bree / Belgium

The Worldcup Mondioring will be hosted at HV Eureka Bree. Our theme is: “Middle Ages”

HSV Thanheim – 72406 Bisingen / Germany

The Worldcups Agility & Obedience will take place at HSV Thanheim. The club offers his training ground and will organize the food.

Hosts & Organizations
Organization team

Sigrid Schmidt

Member of WDSF board
President of HHSV e.V.

Tanja Krebernik

Organisation WC Agility

Martina Mimm

Organisation WC Obedience

Nadine Schöfer

Organisation WC Mondioring
Member of WDSF board

Petra Kosok

Website and competition office

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In the case of journeys, a blue veterinary certificate issued by a veterinarian must be carried, stating that there exists a valid rabies vaccination.

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