Information Obedience

Order (Version 24.04.2019):

Start trials: 27/04/2019 – 9:00
Group exercises Klasse 1 (1 group )
Individual exercises class 1 (4 teams)

short break (ca. 10 min.)

Group exercises class 2 (2 groups)
Group exercises class 3 (3 groups)
Individual exercises class 2 (ca. 4 teams) – the exact number will be anounced before the first team in class 2 starts with individual exercises

45 min. lunch break (not before 12:00)

Individual exercises class 2 (restliche teams)
Individual exercises class 3 (9 teams)

Here you find information about the competition and the equipment that will be used:


Here you find plans for parcours and heelwork for all classes (Version 23/04/2019):


There were some small corrections within the heelwork in class 2 and 3

Travel rules

Regulation 998/2003 stipulates that animals must be electronically marked for clear identification (ISO standard 11784 or 11785).

In the case of journeys, a blue veterinary certificate issued by a veterinarian must be carried, stating that there exists a valid rabies vaccination.

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