Catering provided by HSV Thanheim

from Friday:
Goulash soup with bread
Vegetable soup with bread
Vesperteller (sausage or cheese, bread)

from Saturday:
Weißwurst (bavarian sausage) with pretzel
Baked potato with quark

Saturday evening:
Swabian buffet (after registration)

from Sunday:
2 Maultaschen (filled pasta case) roasted
Vesperteller (sausage or cheese, bread)

French fries

Jam, honey, butter, bread by choice

Breakfast buns can be ordered the day before.

Travel rules

Regulation 998/2003 stipulates that animals must be electronically marked for clear identification (ISO standard 11784 or 11785).

In the case of journeys, a blue veterinary certificate issued by a veterinarian must be carried, stating that there exists a valid rabies vaccination.

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