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Registration form WC Agility (26-28/04/2019)



Club data



Owners data

(only fill in if handler is NOT the owner of the dog)


It will be possible to stay near the competition ground with caravan, mobile home or tent. Electricity and water will be available. For showers you have to visit one of the swimming halls nearby.

Arrival possible from Thursday, 25/04/2019 - 12:00
Departure until Monday, 29/04/2019 - 12:00

Costs per night for caravan/mobile home 15€. Reservations for 4 nights 50€.
Costs per night for tents 15€. Including 1 cup of coffee.

Party evening

There will be a buffet at the club house for 20€ p.p. Included is a voucher of 5€ for drinks.

Hereby I sign on the following number of persons for the party evening (20€ p.p.)



A copy of the pedigree and proof of performance as starting authorisation in the respective class must be sent to the competition office together with the registration or uploaded here as a file.

All documents must be presented as originals on the day of the competition!


Travel rules

Regulation 998/2003 stipulates that animals must be electronically marked for clear identification (ISO standard 11784 or 11785).

In the case of journeys, a blue veterinary certificate issued by a veterinarian must be carried, stating that there exists a valid rabies vaccination.

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